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"I am very satisfied. 49 years old, I've noticed increased stamina and harder and longer erection."

George K.

"49 years old, I used to have some problems with erection in the past. I am satisfied with Proerecta. It makes me feel more confident."

Peter F.

"So far, I can not objectively assess, but a slight improvement is already here, it's easier to keep an erection during intimate intercourse."

Paul D.

"Proerecta met my expectations. Better endurance, hardness ..."


"I am satisfied with the product and the Shot product also surprised me positively."

Jirk Z.

"An erection is not ideal, I am 49 years old. I took 2 tablets before sex and can confirm the improvement of penis hardness during erection."

Antoin K.

“An easy way to improve an erection. Every day 2 capsules and after two weeks you will not remember a weak erection"

Miles D.

“Great product for a good price. I only buy advantageous three-packs. I confirm the positive experience"

Adam L.

"After the first month using Proerect Long, I praise mainly the strength of the erection and the new energy for intercourse"

Joshua Š.

"Rapid onset of action, the product met expectations in all directions. The taste was great, I wouldn't change anything. I will definitely buy again."

William K.

"27 years old, no erection problem. I ordered only out of curiosity, but I will definitely order more because it was amazing. Endurance has improved and I only need less time between the first and second round... I was expecting some nasty bitter drink, but the taste also surprised me positively."

Matthew V.

"I'm around 40. I've only used it once and have noticed some positive changes in my erection, the reason I bought SHOT was a failure with my mistress, there was no opportunity to test in this situation, but at home it seemed to have a good effect."

Antonio A.

"I am 57 years old, I have no problems with erection. I order P. Shot for the second time, quite tasty and what it has to do, it does… It's harder, I have more taste and endurance."

Kyle H.

"I suffer from a more serious form of erectile dysfunction, unfortunately. I am 46 years old and I finally felt what I did not for a long time! Improvement of penis hardness during erection, accelerated onset and easier maintenance of erection during intercourse, increased appetite for sex, better orgasm. Thank you, Proerect."

Roman B.

"28 years old, no erection problems, SHOT I'm trying out of curiosity. I report an improvement in endurance during sex, a pleasant taste, but we expected something more."

Jakob K.